Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

The Haley Group has registered 15 patents to protect its innovations. However, there are hundreds of small and large improvements made to processes through a culture that thrives on finding better ways of doing things. Even in the administrative realm of a Contract of Employment the message is expressed:” the job is not only to do your job but to find a better way of doing your job”.

We drive the business by these continuous improvements to all processes from sales and design through to manufacturing and site installation. We yearly aim at a number, over 100, of improvements, setting targets for each team. One improvement might make a small difference but collectively imagine what a big push they give to business efficiency and profitability, year after year.

Tree Mast: We patented artificial trees as a substitute for standard mobile phone masts. {Quantity} installed, including UK, Ireland, France, Morocco just to name a few.

Footbridges: Easy to Install at Remote Locations  – Joint Patent with The Forestry Commission – 204 bridges installed.    

Rapidly installed screwpile foundation and grillage for the Network Rail telecom network.

A patented bolting system that replaces site welding at nuclear power stations.

Products & Processes

Our business has developed from making agricultural barns for Somerset to supplying steel building frames, masts, towers, steel components and decorative plasterwork to major projects throughout the UK and to 32 other countries.

Network Rail's telecommunication grid comprising 2,500 masts


Radar Towers in Norway, Diego Garcia, Estonia, Barbados, Jersey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sudan, and Cyprus.


Weston-Super-Mare Pier

Café Royal

Five Modern Prisons

*by kier / Pro Droneworx

Four MoD Bases

Ivy Restaurants' Chain

5000 Mobile Phone Network Masts for Everything Everywhere, O2, Orange and Vodafone

Highways Agency Gantry Screwpile Foundations

Network Rail Electrification Structures

Building schools for the Future - Steelwork for 212 schools

Commercial Buildings

Processes: Examples

To improve site safety, we initiated positive lifting. With our CAD software house, we generated the centre of gravity positions of each steel beam. Our CNC machines automatically drill holes at these points to fix lifting eyes. Using lifting eyes our riggers work safer and more efficiently. For generations, steel beams had been lifted by wrapping chains around them at their guessed centre of gravity leading to accidents when beams slipped out. Positive lifting has now been adopted across the steelwork industry.

Our manufacturing plant is state of the art – first robotic steel beam processor installed in the UK.