A collection of outstanding specialist construction companies.

Each of our three businesses is a market leader in its speciality:

William Haley Engineering Ltd

The Haley Group is family owned and currently employs 140 people. Each company designs, manufactures and installs products for construction: steel frames for buildings, telecom masts and radar towers, steelwork components for nuclear, rail and highway projects and beautiful ornamental plasterwork.

The Future

In 5 years, we will own five excellent companies. Each new company will have an enterprising spirit to achieve its steady long-term growth. The two new ventures will have these attributes or the potential to acquire them:

  • Access to a Large Market
  • Quality/Innovation
  • Manufacturing and/or own Products
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Pride


Development of our people, relentless quality, continuous improvement, innovation, and financial prudence are our driving forces.

Our aim is to grow each business steadily, and to add and develop new companies into the group. Our financial strength is used for investing in the businesses, acquiring new companies and in managing the ebb and flow of markets. Each company is self- financed with its own capital.

Starting out in 1986, we bought for £29,000 a steel fabrication company that was in receivership. Today the Haley Group has a net book value of £20 million. Our sales have steadily grown from £0.5 million to £25 million. Expansion has been financed from reinvesting profits.