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The Haley Group

"The best collection of speciality companies in Great Britain owned and operated by engineers!"

We are the UK's No.1 in masts & towers, steel pile foundations, advanced steelwork manufacturing & ornamental plasterwork.


The Haley Group consists currently of three companies. Combined we turnover nearly £19 million a year and employ over 140 people. Each business is No.1 and the market leader in their speciality and are owned and operated by engineers with quality and innovation at the heart of their values.

Financial Performance

2016 is the 30th anniversary of the Haley Group. In 1986, Bill Haley bought for £29,000 a steel fabrication company that was in receivership. Today consisting of three companies, the net book value is £9.6 million. The business has benefited from steady growth of sales from £0.5million to £22 million and has financed its own expansion from reinvestment of profits.


The best way to describe our innovation performance is through our projects and products. The business developed from making agricultural buildings in Somerset to making steel structures throughout Britain and overseas.

Nowadays our companies are involved in constructing some fantastic projects.

Examples include 2,500 masts for Network Rail's telecommunication grid,  Weston-Super-Mare Pier, over 100 schools under the ‘Building Schools for the Future' programme, the newest prisons in South-East England and North Wales, complete mobile phone infrastructures for the major networks, O2, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere, screw piles and steel grillages for Highways Agency schemes,  radar towers in Norway, Diego Garcia, Estonia, Barbados, Jersey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sudan and by the way we make trees!

Yes trees, we developed an artificial tree as a substitute for a steel mast or tower to carry radio antennas. The trees were designed to be erected in areas where planning was difficult and the picturesque countryside could not be spoilt. You can now find them all over the country, Canary Wharf, Edinburgh, Snowdonia, Dublin and Bill Haley featured on the BBC's One Show after we installed one at Royal Ascot. The trees took off internationally and we exported them to the likes of France, Algeria, Portugal and Bulgaria with FLI Structures developing five patents to support the tree product range.

As regards to service, the levels have gone from three companies in receivership to Haley Engineering winning the Construction News Magazine's ‘Steelwork Specialist of the Year' award.

And for the environment, we won an award for developing a programme that estimates the total carbon trapped in the making of a steel building (including coal, iron ore extraction, blast furnace, welding and transport) so that alternative schemes can be compared.

Business Management

The businesses are driven by continuous improvements to all processes from sales & marketing to welding. We set targets for the number of improvements breaking it down into targets for each team. Between the four companies we hope to achieve at least 200 improvements per year! Each one could be tiny but collectively imagine what a big push they give to the efficiency and profitability overall year after year.

In quality we avoid the building industry stereotype of listing snags on site and fixing them. We find our snags in our factories and fix them there before they have a chance to escalate. It saves time on site and it saves everyone money. We also benefit from hassle free erection of our masts & towers. We do not have riggers scratching their heads and interrupting drawing office teams when things do not fit because with our products this does not happen.

In design, we use 3D modelling. From the 3D model we are able to pinpoint to the architects and structural engineers where their designs are incomplete, focusing their attention on the detail needed to meet our construction programmes. Our method then prevents design delays to the clients construction programmes by finding the design problems off-site where they can be solved in the drawing stage not down the line when it's too late on site.

For safety, we use Bird's triangle. Bird found that for each serious injury, there are 10 minor injuries, 100 near misses and 1000 unsafe incidents. So our business concentrates on learning from unsafe incidents and near misses. These cause no pain or financial loss but do provide us with extensive data on potential accidents and how to prevent them before they occur. To us it seems senseless just to learn from injuries. Our employees understand this through training and each year between the three companies we receive over 400 reports of unsafe acts and at each employee's review we thank them for how many they have reported and the difference they are making to keep everyone safe.  


We see training as a solution to business problems. Anticipating that our markets are never constant we recognise we need to constantly develop products but more importantly develop our people for the next challenge ahead. We feel that however much we invest in our employees, we will receive the benefits back from them. Therefore we encourage employees to actively look for courses and training they wish to attend, to further their development themselves but more importantly to help us develop our businesses.